Monday, Aug 19, 2019

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The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer is Featured on TRUCK U

The knowledgeable hosts from Truck U enthusiastically share some of the benefits of The BenchtopPRO parts washer.

The BenchtopPRO Featured on Truck U this Weekend!

Truck U Schedule for Warranty Work Gone Wrong Episode, with a feature of The BenchtopPRO 

To view The BenchtopPRO In Action with Matt and Bruno

SAT  3/23/13 @ 8:00 am ET                                      

SUN  3/24/13 @ 8:30am

MON 3/25/13 @ 4:30pm

FRI    3/29/13 @ 10:30am

SAT    5/4/13 @ 8:00am

SUN   5/5/13 @ 8:30am

FRI   5/10/13 @ 10:30am

Matt and Bruno with The BenchtopPRO

The BenchtopPRO launches The PRO Blog

Welcome to The PRO Blog!  

The PRO Blog provides readers with weekly tips, advice and relevant information for garage, car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts.  As part of the launch, The BenchtopPRO and Truck U are giving their Facebook fans the opportunity to win Truck U swag, plus one contestant will win The BenchtopPRO as first prize.


Win The BenchtopPRO

The BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer is self-contained parts washer that works at room temperature tackling the most challenging parts washing needs – even wax-based lubricants.  From mower blades to buzz saws to car parts, The BenchtopPRO cleans it all and then bioremediates — cleans itself — for the next job.

Starting on Wednesday, February 13, consumers can visit Truck U on Facebook and The BenchtopPRO on Facebook or BenchtopPRO on Twitter to enter the contest. The contest will run for three weeks with a weekly winner receiving a branded Truck U item and the grand prize winner receiving a free The BenchtopPRO.  Contestants must visit The PRO blog and successfully answer a question about The BenchtopPRO to enter each week.

Here is the information for week one’s contest question, which relates to the benefits of using a non-solvent solution:

Non-Solvent Solution Benefits

Safe for both the user and the environment, safe on bare hands, safe to breathe, safe to store, no toxic smells or chemicals, non-flammable, and strong enough to clean greasy, dirty parts.

Thanks for visiting The PRO Blog and good luck to all of the contestants!





Truck U Announces Upcoming Contest – 1st Prize The BenchtopPRO

If you’re a fan of the Speed Network, you  must watch Truck U. The hosts, Matt Steele and Bruno Massel are very knowledgeable and also entertaining.  We all like the same kinds of things, such as cool trucks and cars, tools, greasy car parts and The BenchtopPRO parts washer.

To reward our mutual Facebook Fans, we are teaming up with the folks at Truck U to give our fans the opportunity to win Truck U swag, plus one lucky contestant will win The BenchtopPRO as first prize.  Check back on Tuesday for the start of the contest and specific contest details.