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The BenchtopPRO on Two Guys Garage and Facebook Contest Answer

The BenchtopPRO has been featured on Two Guys Garage this week with the next airing on Wednesday  at 4:30 on the Speed Network.

Willie B and Kevin Byrd gave The BenchtopPRO a good work out with a really dirty part that cleaned up like new.


Answer to Week Two Two Guys Garage Facebook Contest Question:

Sink on the Go — Durability and Storage Benefit 
Solid construction with a unique design: allows the user to put away and store the parts washer – even with the
degreasing solution still inside.

Thanks for participating and be sure to tell us why you want to win The BenchtopPRO.


The BenchtopPRO Featured on Two Guys Garage this Week – Contest

The BenchtopPRO is featured this week on Two Guys Garage premiering this Saturday, May 11th at 10:30 AM EST and if you miss it on Saturday you can see it on Sunday, May 12th at 9:00 AM.  The episode has Kevin Byrd and Willie B working on a high mileage vehicle and cleaning the parts with The BenchtopPRO.

At the same time we are kicking off a contest with The Two Guys Garage Facebook Fans.  The contest begins today.

Win The BenchtopPRO

Starting today, Tuesday, May 7th, consumers can visit Two Guys Garage Facebook and The BenchtopPRO on Facebook or BenchtopPRO on Twitter to enter the contest. The contest will run for three weeks with a weekly winner receiving a branded Two Guys Garage item and the grand prize winner will win The BenchtopPRO.  Contestants must visit The PRO blog for the answers to the weekly question and successfully answer the question about The BenchtopPRO to enter each week.

Here is the information for week one’s contest question, which relates to the benefits of using a non-solvent solution:

Non-Solvent Solution Benefits

Safe for both the user and the environment, safe on bare hands, safe to breathe, safe to store, no toxic smells or chemicals, non-flammable, and strong enough to clean greasy, dirty parts.

Thanks for visiting The PRO Blog and good luck to all of the contestants!

Building Moxie Reviews The BenchtopPro

Thomas Bader of The Building Moxie gave The BenchtopPRO a good work out cleaning his 855 John Deere tractor parts and wrote a comprehensive review. Here are a few highlights from his experience.  To read the full article.

The cleaning solution easily cut through the gear oil. All of the parts I needed to clean fit into the unit. The drain board on the lid was a convenient place to let the pieces air dry. Until the pieces were dry, they still felt oily; once dry, they felt as clean as any solvent-based unit I have used.

The creators of the BenchtopPro market it as a portable unit. In my application, it really did work well. Not only did I have to clean the removed parts, but the differential housing must be cleaned also. I was able to easily bring the BenchtopPro to where the work needed to be done. With the tractor raised and supported on stand jacks, I was able to slide the BenchtopPro under both the final drive housing and the differential housing. 

I did like the brush having the flow control valve on it. This allowed me to set the brush outside the sink area without having to shut the pump switch off. I have always serviced my own vehicles and equipment. The size and safety of The BenchtopPro make it a nice unit for a small shop or even a home shop.

If you’re wondering though if I would buy one. Yes I would.



What our Twitter followers have to say about The BenchtopPRO

We asked our Twitter followers what they would clean with The BenchtopPRO parts washer and here are a few of their answers:

Antique tools

Grease covered tools in my workshop,

Hubby’s tools as a surprise for him

Tools in our shed

Demon carburetor

Greasy cannibalized bike parts

Parts for my floor jack that I’m rebuilding and painting,

ATV transmission

What would you clean if you had The BenchtopPRO?  At our house we would clean all of the things that my husband and son normally clean in my kitchen sink, things like golf clubs, gun parts, gardening tools, salt water fishing lures and a bunch of other guy things. I love the idea of this being a portable sink that keeps their stuff where it belongs… in the garage! Our newest parts washer, The BenchtopPRO

Matthew Wright of Guide has been testing The BenchtopPRO over the last few months.  Here’s excerpts from his parts washer overview and  his experience with The BenchtopPRO parts washer.

The Standard Parts Washer - Using a Parts Washer to Clean Grease

By Matthew Wright, Guide

This is our newest parts washer, a BenchTopPRO. Not too cheap, not too expensive.

photo by Matt Wright, 2013

There are a number of different kinds of parts washer, but they essentially do the same thing – they get the grease and grime off of your old parts. But why would you want to clean a used part at all? The reasons are many. At the very beginning of the chain of explanation is simple cleanliness. There are lots of people who simply like to see their engine compartments looking as clean as possible at all times, and cleaning a part thoroughly while it is off the car is another way to stay a step ahead of the yucks. Parts are much easier to clean when they have been removed from the car and before they are reinstalled.

But aesthetics are the least important reason to wash your parts before installation. Whether it’s a used part you’ve recently purchased from a junkyard or an online parts retailer, or it’s a part you just pulled off of your car to service, cleaning it is a good idea.

The parts washers themselves all consist of similar parts, even if they vary widely in the details of their designs. These are tried and true machines, and come in all sizes. We’ve used this type of washer for years, and with good results. 

But with all useful ideas, innovaton is always on the horizon. We’ve ditched our old metal washers recently. Why? Convenience, cost and environmental concerns are all part of the decision. There are new parts washer designs that are full of innovation.  

*Note: The parts washer we use currently is the BenchtopPRO. It’s been a real game changer around our shop, where we clean 50-year-old Porsche parts regularly.

They still use an electric pump to bathe your parts in degreaser, but the devil’s in the details, and the details are many. First of all, there’s the solution. Old school washers use a solution that must be dropped off and picked up by licensed hazardous materials transporters. The just sounds bad, doesn’t it? Not to mention the fact that it’s expensive! Our new washers use a biodegradable degreaser. And it works. You simply pour a degreasing concentrate into the washer, then add a chemical activator. The second biggest innovation is in the packaging of the new washer design. Gone are the heavy, immobile steel tanks, replaced now with a plastic tank that unfolds into a wash basin and drying rack. These washers can be stored upright, but still full of degreaser. Our shop washes a lot of parts, but not enough to dedicate an entire corner of the shop to parts cleaning, so the ability to store the washer out of the way was huge. When stored, the washer can be pulled off the shelf, opened up, and run within about 15 seconds. Pretty amazing. Clean wheel bearings here we come!


To read the complete Guide article