Monday, Aug 19, 2019

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The BenchtopPRO Announces National Car Care Month “Tool Tips” from Truck U’s Bruno Massel and Matt Steele

As part of National Auto Care Month, TheBenchtopPRO, an easy-to-store, self-contained parts washer that is green and really cleans greasy parts, wax-based lubricants and lots of “things” in the man garage, announced today its National Car Care Month “Tool Tips” featuring tricks of the trade from Truck U’s Bruno Massel and Matt Steele. Truck U, seen on the Speed Channel, showcases monster-truck expert Matt Steele and master mechanic Bruno Massel in hands-on projects for off-roading and truck performance.

The BenchtopPRO monthly “Tool Tips” provide thePRO Blog readers tips for garage, car, truck, boat and motorcycle enthusiasts. For the April “Tool Tips,” The BenchtopPRO team asked Bruno and Matt for tips on the best way to take care of “tools of the trade” which help keep your car or truck running smoothly.

National Car Care Month “Tool Tips”

  •     Create a Storage System – Bruno uses several large tool boxes to store his tools. Matt adds, “always put your tools back where you got them. The easier it is to find them, the better.”
  •     Make a Tool Collection – Lots of Bruno’s tools are hand-me-downs from his Dad, so many were bought before Bruno was born. The same goes for Matt, who also has some old tools that his Dad left him. Matt’s Dad was really handy, so there’s a lot of plumbing and house type tools as well; just goes to show you, when you buy quality, it can last generations.

Garage Cleaning Tool Tips with The BenchtopPRO

Spring Sale Price of  $299 – The BenchtopPRO Gets Garages and Garden Tools, Trucks, Cars, Boats and Motorcycles Ready For Warmer Weather 

With the first signs of Spring right around the corner, The BenchtopPRO  is providing  monthly “Tool Tips” which provide you, the PRO Blog readers with tips for your tools, sports equipment, garage, car, truck, boat, and motorcycle   Where to begin?  Of course, where it is all stored…THE JUST TOO SMALL GARAGE.


“Tool Tips” for Garage Spring Cleaning

If the winter has left your garage a mess, there is help. With a few simple steps you can get your garage ready for the heavy use it will see during Spring and Summer.  A clean, organized garage will help provide the motivation needed to begin all those necessary projects we have to complete during the Spring and Summer months.  Follow these “Tool Tips” to help improve your focus on the tasks at hand and keep your frustration at bay:

  • Create a Plan – The first step is often the hardest, develop a plan that includes a timeline and outlines the layout and storage needs for the garage. Determine what you use daily, weekly and rarely, creating a plan that puts the most frequently used tools close at hand. A timeline can help you stay focused and most importantly, get the family involved.
  • Decide on an Organization System – Choices are numerous as are the prices.  On the low end you can start with a pegboard and hooks plus basic shelving sets. You can also consider adding shelves on wheels which are helpful when cleaning your garage floor. On the high end there are intricate systems that, when set up, organize your entire garage and equipment. These systems might seem like the way to go, but keep in mind that the price will increase quickly with each added component.