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What are your favorite features of The BenchtopPRO? Two Guys Garage Contest

The BenchtopPRO was just featured in – Auto Repair Section as their new favorite parts washer. See complete article

Of course The BenchtopPRO cleans more than just car parts, but here are some of’s favorite features and then a few more that they didn’t mention. likes the following features of The BenchtopPRO:

Portable and easily stored: A plastic tank that unfolds into a wash basin and drying rack. These washers can be stored upright, but still full of degreaser. Our shop washes a lot of parts, but not enough to dedicate an entire corner of the shop to parts cleaning, so the ability to store the washer out of the way was huge. When stored, the washer can be pulled off the shelf, opened up, and run within about 15 seconds. Pretty amazing.

No pre-cleaning needed: Our newer parts washers don’t require any pre-cleaning at all, because the recirculating degreaser comes out of a flexible hose with a stiff brush on the end. The continuous flow of solution through the brush makes clearing the grease much faster.

Air filter – before and after – 10 minutes of Parts Cleaning


Powerful Cleaner: Just to reinforce the job you can do with a good parts washer, check out the photos of this old fuel pump. It was covered in decades of grease. We cleaned it for less than 10 minutes and look at what the results were.

Environmentally Friendly: The BenchtopPRO parts washer uses a biodegradable degreaser. Old school washers use a solution that must be dropped off and picked up by licensed hazardous materials transporters. The just sounds bad, doesn’t it? Not to mention the fact that it’s expensive!

Here are a few more features that didn’t mention, that we think are pretty special too!

Portable Sink – Keeps dirty, greasy cleaning jobs in the garage and out of the kitchen sink.

Non-Solvent Solution Benefits - Safe for both the user and the environment, safe on bare hands, safe to breathe, safe to store, no toxic smells or chemicals, non-flammable, and strong enough to clean greasy, dirty parts.
Self Cleaning Benefit - The solution self-cleans between uses, while being stored - the only benchtop parts washer that uses a microbe enhanced, self-cleaning degreasing solution. The microbes introduced into The BenchtopPRO keep the degreasing solution clean by eating the grease and oil washed off the dirty parts.
For more features go to
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Easy to Store Benchtop Parts Washer Tank – The BenchtopPro

Watch and see how easily you can store The BenchtopPRO.



Use of Green Cleaning Products in the U.S. Increase

Consumers are increasingly more aware and interested in sustainable lifestyles.  This is why the U.S. market for “green” (eco-friendly) cleaning products—including household cleaners and laundry products has increased 20%.  Retail sales in 2011 was $640 million, up from $303 million in 2007.  Stores such as Walmart and Target lead all retail stores in sales of green cleaners.  Green products are expected to surpass conventional non-green cleaners because of higher price points and  loyalty of newly informed consumers.  This trend will accelerate as the economy rebounds.

Household and laundry products aren’t the only Green cleaning products available.   The BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer is an exciting “first” for the garage and small repair shop market.  It’s green and really cleans greasy parts, wax-based lubricants and lots of “things” in the man garage — mower blades, buzz saws, and more, then bioremediates — cleans itself — for the next job. Plus no more grimy or smelly hands. The non-solvent solution doesn’t burn or dry out his hands.

  • Really cleans greasy, dirty and oily parts — yet green and non-flammable
  • Your family will love it, too. – No more smelly, flammable solvents sitting around the garage – it is safe for anyone in the family to be around
  • Easily stores under a bench even on its’ end with the fluid still inside



Gear Diary: The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer Is a Safe, Green Alternative

David Goodspeed and Gear Diary conducted a comprehensive review of The BenchtopPRO over the last few weeks.  The bottom line is “We all agreed we really liked the portability and safe, green nature of The BenchtopPRO system, and a couple said they would truly consider replacing their solvent-based home units with it in the future.”
Here are a few more excerpts and pictures of The BenchtopPRO in action from the review.  To read the full article go to Gear Diary.
GIVEAWAYSGRINDING GEARSREVIEWS          by        December 18, 2012
Machines fascinate a great deal of us and many love to “get your hands dirty” by tinkering and performing our own repair and maintenance work. For decades this meant utilizing some form of hazardous fluid for cleaning and parts washing.

gear diary Reviews Contests & Giveaways Automotive Gear  BenchtopPRO Parts Washer Is a Safe, Green Alternative, and We Are Giving One Away!

Image by Author

I received a test unit and proceeded to march across the street with it to my neighbor, who is in the process of rebuilding the smallblock Chevy V-8 engine in his modified 1930 Ford Coupe.

“Hey Larry, I’ve got this new parts washing system I want to check out. It contains no solvents, so your buddies that smoke won’t even have to put out their cigs when working around it.”