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Gear Diary: The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer Is a Safe, Green Alternative

David Goodspeed and Gear Diary conducted a comprehensive review of The BenchtopPRO over the last few weeks.  The bottom line is “We all agreed we really liked the portability and safe, green nature of The BenchtopPRO system, and a couple said they would truly consider replacing their solvent-based home units with it in the future.”
Here are a few more excerpts and pictures of The BenchtopPRO in action from the review.  To read the full article go to Gear Diary.
GIVEAWAYSGRINDING GEARSREVIEWS          by        December 18, 2012
Machines fascinate a great deal of us and many love to “get your hands dirty” by tinkering and performing our own repair and maintenance work. For decades this meant utilizing some form of hazardous fluid for cleaning and parts washing.

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I received a test unit and proceeded to march across the street with it to my neighbor, who is in the process of rebuilding the smallblock Chevy V-8 engine in his modified 1930 Ford Coupe.

“Hey Larry, I’ve got this new parts washing system I want to check out. It contains no solvents, so your buddies that smoke won’t even have to put out their cigs when working around it.”

Welcome to the New PRO Blog sponsored by The BenchtopPRO

Welcome to the new PRO Blog, sponsored by The BenchtopPRO.  Our goal is to share tips and information on a variety of topics, including: DIY repairs, cleaning dirty and oily parts, setting up the perfect garage, going green and other topics of interest to our readers.

The BenchtopPRO™, the first and only parts washer using non-heating bioremediation.  Patent-pending, The BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer is an exciting “first” for the garage and small repair shop market. The BenchtopPRO combines the process of bioremediation with a revolutionary, non-flammable, non-toxic, degreasing solution engineered in their “dirt lab” to work at room temperature tackling the most challenging parts washing needs – even wax-based lubricants– in an easy-to-store, self-contained washer.

This proven technology is already being used by thousands of industrial maintenance shops, auto repair shops and garages.  The BenchtopPRO is the first and only parts cleaner designed and sized for the consumer and small repair shop market.  Our research shows that consumers and small shops want to use non-hazardous solvents, but they still want the industrial strength cleaning power.  We solved this problem with The BenchtopPRO which combines our degreasing solution, bioremediation process, and unique storable design.

Stop back tomorrow to see how it works.