Monday, Jul 22, 2019

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The BenchtopPRO – Bicycle Parts Washer for Bike Shops and Bike Repair Shops

A professional strength parts washer  - NOW AVAILABLE IN BIKE SHOP SIZE

Bicycle shop owners, know that a bike is a complex system of moving parts that can be quickly damaged by dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants. Check out The BenchtopPRO – the first ever bioremediating, benchtop parts washer – engineered for the bike repair shop’s cleaning and repair needs.


  • Bicycle Drive Train Parts
  • Bicycle Gears
  • Bicycle Chains
  • Bike Bearings
  • Bolts and Screws
  • Dirt Bike Engine Parts
  • Bike Wheels
  • The Whole Bike

Designed for shops with limited space, the BenchtopPRO is also portable and can be safely stored away when it’s not in use – with the fluid inside.

The Bicycle Doctor Saves Time with The BenchtopPRO

The BenchtopPRO has been hard at work at The Bicycle Doctor for several months.  Aaron was kind enough to tell us about his experiences with The BenchtopPRO including some of his favorite benefits:

  • Cleans Dirty greasy parts
  • Saves time
  • Safe to use with his bare hands
  • Stores away under the work bench when not in use
  • Brush works well for cleaning

                          The Bicycle Doctor Testimonial