Monday, Aug 19, 2019

Car Talk – Top 10 Scary Cars for Halloween

Halloween is just 2 days away and what could be more fun than Scary Cars. listed 10 top scary cars and if you follow them on Facebook, you can see many more that have been submitted by their fans. Some off these vehicles would be less scary if their owners had cleaned under the hood with The BenchtopPRO parts cleaner.

By Tom and Ray Magliozzi, Car Talk

With Halloween coming, we asked Tom and Ray to give us their Top 10 scariest cars. They came through and were even kind enough to tell us for whom exactly the cars are scary. Read on, if you dare (imagine spooky laughter here)…

1969 Ford Mustang

Scary for: Bystanders and other drivers

Looks like an early Ford Mustang, right? It is, on the outside anyway. The inside, however, is all Ford Falcon, a pedestrian vehicle if ever there was one. So what, you say? Well, drop a Boss V-8 into a Ford Falcon and what do you get? An overpowered car that doesn’t have the shocks, brakes or structural rigidity to turn or stop well. In other words … look out!

1969 Pontiac Trans Am

Scary for: Bystanders and other drivers

Garish? Sure, but that’s not our complaint. This was the height of muscle-cardom. This was when American car manufacturers figured out how to make humongous, powerful engines. Sadly, they hadn’t yet figured out how to do handling, so you had an overpowered rear-wheel-drive car with no weight in the rear end. As a result, when there was half a drop of rain on the ground this thing spun around like Dizzy Dan from the Battling Tops. Anything but perfect weather, and it was totally uncontrollable.

To see all 10 Scary cars

Jay Leno’s Garage – New Car Show on CNBC

If you are into classic cars, than Jay Leno is king of the mountain, with about 130 automobiles and 92 motorcycles. Jay was interviewed on The Today show regarding his new TV show on CNBC called Jay Leno’s Garage.  Besides the great cars and motorcycles, he is using a 3-D printer to make replacement parts.  All he and his team needs now is The BenchtopPRO parts cleaner to clean dirty greasy parts as they restore cars and motorcycles.

Jay if you read this, we will be happy to send you one.  Best of luck, we will be watching!

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Just for Fun: 2015 Ford Mustang GT: Line Lock Burnout Feature

What’s more fun for a car enthusiast than getting to a stop light and laying a little rubber. It’s easier now with the 2015 Ford Mustang GT Line Lock burnout feature. Watch and enjoy!

Consumer Report: Lawn Mower Maintenance

Consumer Report published a comprehensive list of the steps to take to prepare your lawn mower for the winter season. They forgot one handy tip and that would be to clean the dirty greasy parts on the engine as well as the cutting blade and underside of the lawn mower using The BenchtopPRO parts washer.

With the mowing season coming to an end, you may be tempted to just shove your mower into the shed. Don’t do it. Bad things can happen to your mower when it’s sitting idle. By ignoring simple maintenance tasks now you’re taking the chance that your mower will be out of commission in the spring, or worse, need replacing. Here’s a to-do list from the mower team at Consumer Reports.

Empty the gas tank. Gasoline left sitting in the fuel tank for months thickens into what repairmen call varnish. The ethanol in today’s gas also stiffens rubber and plastic parts and coats linkages. Some people have success adding fuel stabilizer to gas—some are designed to counteract ethanol’s effects—and storing it that way. For the most assurance, add the proper amount of stabilizer or instead pour in some ethanol-free fuel (available for about $6 a quart at some outdoor-gear dealers, Sears, and home centers) and run it dry. Once the machine cools down, drain the carburetor bowl, too; a simple bolt holds it in place. Have gas left over in the can? Add it to your car’s fuel tank and buy fresh gas for your leaf blower or snow blower.

To read additional steps including changing the oil, washing the underside, changing spark plugs and more Go Here

Clean Dirty, Greasy Bike Sprockets with The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer

Our local sportsman, Cody is back in action. This time he is cleaning the gear sprockets on his bike with The BenchtopPRO parts washer. After a long summer of riding, he degreases the sprockets without taking them off of the bike.

Car question? There’s a Car Forum to Answer Your Question

All of us have car questions. Sometimes they even occur in an emergency situation. Chances are if you look on a car forum for the make of your vehicle, you can find the answer to almost any question related to your car. Car Forum participants are extremely knowledgeable and very generous in sharing their experience. We happen to have a 2001 Lexus SUV that has over 280,000 miles. This car has transported hundreds of kids including our three on numerous outings and vacations. Last winter our car had traction issues that created a very scary driving experience. We were far from home and driving through the mountains on a snowy road. Should we pull over or continue. We looked up the info on a Lexus Forum and knew just what to do.

If you are not familiar with car forums, Google the make of your car along with your problem and a list of Forum threads will appear with your answer. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always pose a question and someone is sure to answer. Consumer Report has a general forum for auto maintenance and repair questions.

All Girls Garage: The BenchtopPRO – NO Better Product for the Cleaning Job

The BenchtopPRO made an appearance on All Girls Garage this week. Bogi, one of the hosts of the show, put The BenchtopPRO in action cleaning a rocker arm for a 1970 ‘Cuda and said their was no better product for the job than The BenchtopPRO. She also mentioned some great benefits of The BenchtopPRO such as safe for your hands and the environment, no gloves needed. She also described the microbes and explained how they eat the dirt and grease and tasked the microbes with, “Eat all the dirt little microbes”.

The BenchtopPRO Tackles a Tough Cleaning Job on Two Guys Garage

The BenchtopPRO bioremediating parts washer shines on Two Guys Garage with Willie B and Kevin Byrd.

The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer is Featured on TRUCK U

The knowledgeable hosts from Truck U enthusiastically share some of the benefits of The BenchtopPRO parts washer.

The BenchtopPRO: The Ideal Father’s Day Gift for the Repairman or Mechanic in Your Life

Introducing The BenchtopPRO, the green parts washer uniquely qualified for tough jobs. This is a non-hazardous, non-flammable, easy to use, easy to store bench top parts washer that uses a self-cleaning (microbial) cleaning solution. The ideal gift for the repairman or mechanic in your life, The BenchtopPRO combines cutting-edge technology and superior cleaning performance, in a self-contained parts washer that is the perfect size for a small shop or home garage. And it comes with a 5-Year Warranty that covers the entire system, including the tank, the pump and the brush.

The BenchtopPRO combines the natural process of bioremediation with BT5 Degreasing Solution, a revolutionary, non-flammable cleaning fluid formulated to work at room temperature. The bioremediation processbegins when microbes (packed in convenient MicroPRO Packs) are poured into the base of the parts washer. These microbes eat the grease and oil washed off dirty parts and turn these harmful contaminants into a harmless by-product of carbon dioxide and water. The BT5 Degreasing solution stays clean and strong through this self-cleaning process, and is ready to use every time you need it.

Bring a smile to the face of your tough Mr. Fix-It with The BenchtopPRO. Rugged construction, bioremediation, outstanding cleaning performance, portability and non-hazardous solution are just a few of the benefits your guy will get when he uses this parts washer.