Monday, Aug 19, 2019

The BenchtopPRO Gets Fishing Reels Ready for Redfish

Cody is about to leave for a two week camping and fishing trip to Cape San Blas, Florida. Getting your gear ready is a big part of this type of expedition and cleaning his fishing reels with The BenchtopPRO is just one important aspect of a great fishing trip. Sports fisherman need to know that when they have a “fish on”, their reel will have the smooth action required to catch a large redfish, sea trout, tarpon or snapper.

Using his GoPRo camera, Cody demonstrates how to clean a fishing reel with The BenchtopPRO before his big trip and mentions the importance of cleaning his gear of salt water after each outing.

Cody’s now been gone for a week and here are pictures of the trip from the waters of St. Joseph Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, including a large sea turtle. Snapper season begins on May 24th in Florida and will be a great way to end the expedition.

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