Monday, Aug 19, 2019

What is Bioremediation and How Does it Clean Greasy Parts?


Bioremediation is the use of biological agents such as microbes to break down or neutralize “hazardous substances” or “contaminants” thereby removing dangerous chemicals in the environment. The science of bioremediation is listed as one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) innovative technologies.


How does The BenchtopPRO BT5 solution and microbes clean dirty greasy parts?

The BenchtopPRO uses natural biological microbes to break down the carbon-based contaminants (grease and oil) and turn them into very small quantities of harmless carbon dioxide and water.  The BT5 degreasing solution used in The BenchtopPRO is a non-hazardous, non-corrosive, pH neutral, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-caustic, aqueous-based degreasing solution that is used at room temperature.  Similar types of microbes have been used for many years in various bioremediation applications, such as oil spills, including the clean up after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in March of 1989 and the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

As with all parts cleaners, excessive greases, oils and fluids should be disposed of prior to washing parts. The BenchtopPRO can handle, tough, dirty jobs, but was not designed to be treated as a waste oil dump.

BT5 Degreasing Solution:

Designed to tackle the most challenging parts washing applications, BT5 is the first bioremediating degreaser that delivers amazing results at room temperature. BT5 is packaged and ready to use when you are ready to clean parts. This powerfully engineered degreaser is pH Neutral, Non-Hazardous, Non-Flammable, Non-Irritating and Bioremediating. Combined with the microbial agent, the MicroPRO Pack, BT5 delivers the one-two punch the competition doesn’t have and will give your dirty parts a professional clean.


MicroPRO Microbes:

 A microbial cleaning agent engineered to work hand-in-hand with the powerful BT5 degreasing solution. The MicroPRO Pack is a combination of natural occurring microbes that have a healthy appetite for tough greases and oils. Used exclusively in The BenchtopPRO, and formulated to work with BT5, the MicroPRO Pack completes this one-of-a-kind parts washing system.








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