Monday, Aug 19, 2019

The BenchtopPRO interview on Home Talk USA

The BenchtopPRO was featured on Home Talk USA .  ChemFree’s own, Mike Bedford was interviewed by Michael King, the host of Home Talk USA.  Michael King  is the Cajun Contractor and describes himself as green before green was even cool. Making this interview the perfect match for The BenchtopPRO, which is the first ever bio remediating green parts washer.  

Mike Bedford describes The BenchtopPRO and the microbes used in bio remediation and how it can be useful to a mechanic or a home hobbyist. Also explaining that bio remediation is how The BenchtopPRO creates the self cleaning solution and why it is effective every time, just as it was the first time.

Mike outlines how safe the cleaning solution is for users including their bare hands. Plus The BenchtopPRO solution never needs to be discarded since it is self cleaning. Traditional parts cleaners use toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to the user and also hard to dispose of without harming the environment.

Click below to listen to the complete interview.

Listen to Part One here

Listen to Part Two here

More information about Michael King and Home Talk USA:

  • 2011 Talk Radio Host of the Year
  • National Radio Top 50 Radio Talk Show
  • 3.3 Million Estimated Weekly Listeners
  • #1 Most Recognizable Name In Home Improvement Radio
  • #1 Most Listened Home Improvement Radio Broadcast on Google
  • #1 Most Listened and Downloaded Home Improvement Radio Show
  • Broadcasts on over 150 Radio Markets and 47 Countries Globally


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