Monday, Aug 19, 2019 The BenchtopPRO is the Finest Iteration of a Parts Cleaner

Matthew Wright reviewed The BenchtopPRO earlier this year and liked it so much he wrote about it again in a recent article about Parts Cleaning Products – What Works Best

Here’s an excerpt from the article.

Professional style parts cleaners. If you visited a shop 20 years ago you would have seen a big, red, metal box plugged into the wall. This box contained a little sprayer and a few gallons of very chemically parts cleaner. These are still available today, and many people use them. The upside is they are a proven way to clean parts, but many people mistakenly think they are like a dishwasher for car parts. There is still plenty of scrubbing and rubbing involved in getting the gunk to come off. And the chemicals are harsh so high grade chemical-resistant gloves are a must, as well as adequate ventilation. These days there is an alternative. Gone are the nasty, volatile chemicals, replaced with biodegradable degreasing agents that actually recycle themselves! The cleaning box has come a long way, too. The finest iteration of a parts cleaner we’ve found has been the BenchtopPRO. We reviewed it about a year ago and love it more every day. Unlike some of the crazy high end units, this one is affordable for a hobbyist! The degreasing solution contains microbes that actually dissolve the grease, and you can use the solution over and over because it doesn’t really evaporate. The little spout in the middle of the old box has been replaced with a flexible hose with an amazing stiff bristle brush on the end. After a year of abusing this thing, the brush hasn’t even started to fray. I know I’m going on and on, but compared to other offerings, this BenchtopPRO is amazing. Check out the review.

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