Monday, Aug 19, 2019

The BenchtopPro – Presented by Andy’s Auto Sport

Bill from Andy’s Auto Sport TV reviewed The BenchtopPRO this week.  Bill is a guy who really understands and appreciates a bio friendly parts washer, describing The BenchtopPRO as a great portable solution for your parts cleaning needs.

Here’s some of the highlights from the video.

An amazing difference between the clean and dirty rocker shaft, compared to when we started.

Degreasing solution - Non toxic, non corrosive, non polluting, non flammable - smells good, like citrus

Bio-friendly: Solution microbes are same as ones used to clean up the 2010 Gulf oil spill – the microbes “eat” the grease

The BenchtopPRO is lightweight, spill proof, self contained  

Great for your garage or portable for your weekend adventures at the racetrack or off roading.

5 year warranty on every component including the pump and the brush

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