Monday, Aug 19, 2019

DIYer Uses The BenchtopPRO to Restore Old Motorcycles

Thanks David, from Herndon, Virginia for taking the time to tell us about your experience with The BenchtopPRO.

Here’s what David had to say:

I am very pleased with The BenchtopPRO.  I restore old motorcycles and, honestly, the old solvent based parts cleaners were a source of anxiety and consternation for me. I hated the smell in the garage, the jeopardy to the environment, and, well it’s a huge fire hazard to have several gallons of flammable solvent sitting out in the garage attached to one’s house. 

I’ve spent a lot of semi-wasted time trying to put together a DIY aqueous parts cleaning setup, and in the process of Internet research, I discovered The BenchtopPro. It was exactly what I was trying to do, except one important feature: I’m neither a chemist nor a biologist, so I was never going to be able to develop an effective solvent or bioremediation technique. Plus, the low cost, portability, and engineering of the BenchTopPro makes a DIY solution seem pretty silly and not cost-effective.

The BenchTopPro is wonderful and it’s literally the perfect solution (no pun intended) for many of us.


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