Monday, Aug 19, 2019

Tool Tips from Willie B, Co-host of Two Guys Garage

The BenchtopPRO and Two Guys Garage teamed up this month to help those who love to DIY.  We asked Willie B to tell us about his tools.
Here’s my favorite Willie B Tool tip – Engrave them so when you’re friends “borrow” them, you’ll always be able to get them back, even if it’s years later lol… wish I had time to do that to all my tools so I could get just few of them back!!! If you buy the cheapest or anything in the bargain bin, don’t get upset when you bust your knuckles on a header or trans mount, it’s part of the purchase price that will eventually happen… it’s tool karma 101…
1.       Most of my tools are all stored in my box, it’s about 6 ½ feet tall, and about 5 ½ feet wide… aside from that, under my cabinet and in my race box. A tool chest I specifically have ready to go for when I’m headed up to race!!
2.       Care for them lol…? .. well every time I’m really twisting and pounding on them I talk really nice to them about how cool it would be if they didn’t break!!! (OK Willie B, talking nice is good, but they work hard for you and would really love to be washed with The BenchtopPRO, then they can really strut their stuff)
3.       Fav tool- Welder!!! I’ve been doing a lot of tig welding lately just to get super familiar w/ aluminum, and I have a snap on Mig that I’m super comfy with and use a ton!!
4.       Well we all “Modify” tools at some point, if you were to look around my shop you’d see half inch ratchet heads welded on a 6ft pipe I use as a breaker bar, you’d see sockets that are cut down for tight spots on my big block mopar stuff, or there’s even rolls of masking tape I’ve got labeled “Do not use” cause they’re used to help drop rings into cylinders when I’m file fitting them and measuring ring gap…
5.       I tend to buy professional grade ratchets, and air tools for certain…. Box end wrenches and the likes are usually up there as well…. Some specialty type stuff I might get from harbor freight… those one time use type tools that aren’t going to be subjected to a ton of abuse and would cost ton of $$ off the snap on truck!!
6.       Oldest tool: I have a set of punches from Chrysler that they’d give out at their yearend banquets to special guest back in the 60’s that are pretty cool and I actually use them, have an old sears timing light I still use cause my snap on digital one broke close to year ago and it’s 400 plus bucks to fix it when I find somebody that can lol….
7.       My Tool Box is A Big One….. maker is actually “Armstrong”…. It’s like a snap on knock off but really good quality..
8.        Tool I use most?? All of them!! I’m in my shop every night so my hands are usually on majority of my tools on a very regular basis..

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