Monday, Aug 19, 2019

RoadBike Magazine Reviews The BenchtopPRO plus Two Guys Garage Week 3 Contest Answer

RoadBike Magazine reviewed The BenchtopPRO in their most recent edition that can be on on newsstands today. Steve Lita, the reviewer of The BenchtopPRO for RoadBike Magazine says, “The BenchtopPRO is safe for DIY-use is non-irritating, safe to store or transport and cleans up an oily mess well”.

Two Guys Garage Contest Answer: The answer to our weeks 3 -Two Guys Garage Facebook contest discusses the Self Cleaning Benefit of The BenchtopPRO solution and the microbes that make The BenchtopPRO different from other parts washers.

Self Cleaning Benefit of The BenchtopPRO
Cutting edge technology – the only benchtop parts washer that uses a microbe enhanced, self-cleaning degreasing solution. The microbes introduced into The BenchtopPRO keep the degreasing solution clean by eating the grease and oil washed off the dirty parts.





















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