Monday, Aug 19, 2019

Building Moxie Reviews The BenchtopPro

Thomas Bader of The Building Moxie gave The BenchtopPRO a good work out cleaning his 855 John Deere tractor parts and wrote a comprehensive review. Here are a few highlights from his experience.  To read the full article.

The cleaning solution easily cut through the gear oil. All of the parts I needed to clean fit into the unit. The drain board on the lid was a convenient place to let the pieces air dry. Until the pieces were dry, they still felt oily; once dry, they felt as clean as any solvent-based unit I have used.

The creators of the BenchtopPro market it as a portable unit. In my application, it really did work well. Not only did I have to clean the removed parts, but the differential housing must be cleaned also. I was able to easily bring the BenchtopPro to where the work needed to be done. With the tractor raised and supported on stand jacks, I was able to slide the BenchtopPro under both the final drive housing and the differential housing. 

I did like the brush having the flow control valve on it. This allowed me to set the brush outside the sink area without having to shut the pump switch off. I have always serviced my own vehicles and equipment. The size and safety of The BenchtopPro make it a nice unit for a small shop or even a home shop.

If you’re wondering though if I would buy one. Yes I would.



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