Monday, Aug 19, 2019

What our Twitter followers have to say about The BenchtopPRO

We asked our Twitter followers what they would clean with The BenchtopPRO parts washer and here are a few of their answers:

Antique tools

Grease covered tools in my workshop,

Hubby’s tools as a surprise for him

Tools in our shed

Demon carburetor

Greasy cannibalized bike parts

Parts for my floor jack that I’m rebuilding and painting,

ATV transmission

What would you clean if you had The BenchtopPRO?  At our house we would clean all of the things that my husband and son normally clean in my kitchen sink, things like golf clubs, gun parts, gardening tools, salt water fishing lures and a bunch of other guy things. I love the idea of this being a portable sink that keeps their stuff where it belongs… in the garage!

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