Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019

Use of Green Cleaning Products in the U.S. Increase

Consumers are increasingly more aware and interested in sustainable lifestyles.  This is why the U.S. market for “green” (eco-friendly) cleaning products—including household cleaners and laundry products has increased 20%.  Retail sales in 2011 was $640 million, up from $303 million in 2007.  Stores such as Walmart and Target lead all retail stores in sales of green cleaners.  Green products are expected to surpass conventional non-green cleaners because of higher price points and  loyalty of newly informed consumers.  This trend will accelerate as the economy rebounds.

Household and laundry products aren’t the only Green cleaning products available.   The BenchtopPRO Bioremediating Parts Washer is an exciting “first” for the garage and small repair shop market.  It’s green and really cleans greasy parts, wax-based lubricants and lots of “things” in the man garage — mower blades, buzz saws, and more, then bioremediates — cleans itself — for the next job. Plus no more grimy or smelly hands. The non-solvent solution doesn’t burn or dry out his hands.

  • Really cleans greasy, dirty and oily parts — yet green and non-flammable
  • Your family will love it, too. – No more smelly, flammable solvents sitting around the garage – it is safe for anyone in the family to be around
  • Easily stores under a bench even on its’ end with the fluid still inside



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