Monday, Aug 19, 2019

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Car question? There’s a Car Forum to Answer Your Question

All of us have car questions. Sometimes they even occur in an emergency situation. Chances are if you look on a car forum for the make of your vehicle, you can find the answer to almost any question related to your car. Car Forum participants are extremely knowledgeable and very generous in sharing their experience. We happen to have a 2001 Lexus SUV that has over 280,000 miles. This car has transported hundreds of kids including our three on numerous outings and vacations. Last winter our car had traction issues that created a very scary driving experience. We were far from home and driving through the mountains on a snowy road. Should we pull over or continue. We looked up the info on a Lexus Forum and knew just what to do.

If you are not familiar with car forums, Google the make of your car along with your problem and a list of Forum threads will appear with your answer. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always pose a question and someone is sure to answer. Consumer Report has a general forum for auto maintenance and repair questions.

All Girls Garage: The BenchtopPRO – NO Better Product for the Cleaning Job

The BenchtopPRO made an appearance on All Girls Garage this week. Bogi, one of the hosts of the show, put The BenchtopPRO in action cleaning a rocker arm for a 1970 ‘Cuda and said their was no better product for the job than The BenchtopPRO. She also mentioned some great benefits of The BenchtopPRO such as safe for your hands and the environment, no gloves needed. She also described the microbes and explained how they eat the dirt and grease and tasked the microbes with, “Eat all the dirt little microbes”.

The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer is Featured on TRUCK U

The knowledgeable hosts from Truck U enthusiastically share some of the benefits of The BenchtopPRO parts washer.

The BenchtopPRO Cleans a Dirty Greasy Chainsaw

Spring is in the air and our resident outdoorsman needs to get his chain saw ready for some spring time clean up. Cody is showing us today how well The BenchtopPRO cleans the dirty greasy chain from his chain saw. We also see the cleaning brush in action and learn more about the microbes and cleaning solution.

Happy One Year Anniversary to The BenchtopPRO

The BenchtopPRO parts washer for dirty greasy parts was launched in November 2012, just one short year ago. It’s been a busy year for The BenchtopPRO. It has been used to clean bicycles, car engines, lawn mower parts, golf clubs, boat engines and so much more. Using the science of bio remediation, the solution is self cleaning and safe for the users hands.

In May 2013, The BenchtopPRO was named Popular Mechanics Tool of the Month. During the Spring and Summer it was featured on several DIY auto repair shows such as Truck U, GearZ and Two Guys Garage.

Some of the great comments that we heard were from our customers and reviewers are:

  • Something like this can be your best friend, if you too have greasy wheel bearings, or a greasy old ’56 Ford steering box, or even just greasy hands.
  • I was impressed with the quality of the brush fixture and couldn’t wait to get this thing fired up to see how it worked.
  • I have honestly never encountered such a product before. Although I’ve used many parts washers in the past when working as a shop technician, the BenchtopPRO offers a new approach to parts washing.
  • The finest iteration of a parts cleaner we’ve found has been the BenchtopPRO. We reviewed it about a year ago and love it more every day. Unlike some of the crazy high end units, this one is affordable for a hobbyist! The degreasing solution contains microbes that actually dissolve the grease, and you can use the solution over and over because it doesn’t really evaporate. The little spout in the middle of the old box has been replaced with a flexible hose with an amazing stiff bristle brush on the end. After a year of abusing this thing, the brush hasn’t even started to fray. I know I’m going on and on, but compared to other offerings, this BenchtopPRO is amazing.
  • The parts washer we use currently is the BenchtopPRO. It’s been a real game changer around our shop, where we clean 50-year-old Porsche parts regularly.
  • The recently launched BenchtopPRO provides smaller shops with a parts washer option that cleans the dirtiest and greasiest parts without damaging the environment or the user’s hands and clothes.