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Clean Dirty, Greasy Bike Sprockets with The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer

Our local sportsman, Cody is back in action. This time he is cleaning the gear sprockets on his bike with The BenchtopPRO parts washer. After a long summer of riding, he degreases the sprockets without taking them off of the bike.

MTBR Review of The BenchtopPRO – 4 out of 5 Flamin’ Chili Peppers

Brian Mullin from MTBR just gave The BenchtopPRO a great review with an Overall Rating: 4 Flamin’ Chili Peppers 

Thanks Brian, for taking the time to explore our favorite parts washer to share with your readers.  A clean well maintained bike is a great way to start the new year.  Next time feel free to remove your gloves, the solution is non toxic and safe on your hands. Happy riding!

Here’s an excerpt from MTBR’s very detailed review.  Click here to see the full review, The BenchtopPRO pictures and video 

Bottom Line

The BenchtopPRO parts washing system is an excellent portable home or shop tool that uses bioremediation technology, combining a non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable degreaser and microbial additive to clean dirty bike parts. The self-contained unit pumps the cleaning solution (degreaser and microbes) up through a hose to a brush, which you then use to wash and scrub the part to help remove contaminants. The stiff bristles of the brush remove stubborn contaminants, especially if you allow the solution to do its job. The design of the system is quite functional, consisting of the main unit with its fold-out lid that acts as a drying tray, the wash tub, pump, hose and brush, and the inner solution reservoir. I did notice that on occasion it leaked minutely from the bottom when stored vertically, and some fluid rolled up under the bottom of the drying tray when be used, but both were very minor issues. It would be nice if the pump worked off a vehicle battery or plug, since it would make the unit useful for some road trips.

It comes with a 5 Year Warranty on all parts, including the pump and flow-through brush, and retails for $385.00, though currently they have a special pricing of $299. It’s not the cheapest way to clean parts, but the BenchtopPRO parts wash system is safe to use, self-contained, portable and does an excellent job.

  • Easy to use
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Portable
  • Self-contained
  • Brush with flow control works well – stiff bristles gets off stubborn contaminants
  • 5-year warranty
  • Expensive for part time use
  • Requires a 120v power supply
  • Pump can’t operate off a vehicle power plug – needs to be 12 VDC
  • Leaks – small leakage on occasion when stored vertically
  • Requires occasional restocking with the BT5 degreaser and MicroPro microbe packs

The BenchtopPRO is simple to use, just pop it open, connect the power up and your good to go. The scrub brush has long stiff bristles, which allow it to get deep into the nooks and crannies of parts, helping to remove stubborn stuck-on grit and grime. It does take just a little time for the degreaser and microbes of the solution to do their cleaning work, but it wasn’t that significant. The on-off button worked nicely, allowing one good control of the solution stream, and even though the flow wasn’t substantial, it worked fine and kept things from back splashing. It did a great job cleaning off nasty cassette and derailleurs, and I even used it to clean off the built-up residue on brakes (minus the pads). Once the parts were cleaned, I placed them up on the drying rack, and let the excess solution roll back down into the tub. A very small amount of fluid that had drained off the parts clung to the drain board, and ran back between the lid and the main body. After a decent drying time for the cleaned parts, I put the power cord and adapter back into their compartment, and closed and latched everything up. Even though I cleaned and dried up the tub, there was a minute amount of solution leakage from the bottom when I stood the unit up vertically, perhaps it might be some excess from the hose and brush. There is nice large carry handle for vertical carrying, which is a good thing since it weighs 30 lbs, and contains a bunch of sloshing fluid. In addition, there is hand holds at each end of the unit for easy horizontal carrying, which is convenient for moving it around in the shop and on a table. The microbes in the solution keep breaking down the contaminants even after you shut the box, which means you have a cleaner and more effective washing system. On occasion, you’ll need to replenish the microbes in the solution by adding a new MicroPro pack, and if you use the unit sparingly or not very often, you can hold off the addition until you actually use it. The sell a resupply kit that has another gallon of the BT5 degreaser and eight MicroPro packs, though with my occasional usage, I’d like them to sell the microbes packs by themselves.


Time to Clean and Winterize Your Boat, Tools and Vehicles

Old Man Winter is officially still more than a month away but cold temperatures have arrived right on time.  It looks like those warm weekends are just about over so it’s time to clean and winterize your vehicles, watercraft, all terrain vehicles, bikes, sports equipment and lawn mowers.  A bit of prevention can save you many dollars on future repairs, keep your valuables in good working condition and prepared to pull out of hibernation at the first signs of spring.

First step – A good cleaning is required and The BenchtopPRO is the portable parts washer made just for these garage type jobs. Whether cleaning bike gears, gardening tools, dirt bikes, golf clubs, lawn mowers or a boat engine, The BenchtopPRO cleans dirty greasy parts without damaging your hands or clothes. The attached brush works efficiently to clean the cracks and crevices and between cleanings the BTP solution cleans itself through a process called bio remediation. Simply stated, while stored away with the solution left in it, the enzymes eat the dirt and grease similar to the solution used to clean the Gulf of Mexico during the 2010 oil spill.

If you are winterizing an engine, below are a variety of sites to help.

- How to winterize a boat

- How to winterize your lawn mower your-lawn-mower/view-all

- How to winterize a motorcycle



The BenchtopPRO – Bicycle Parts Washer for Bike Shops and Bike Repair Shops

A professional strength parts washer  - NOW AVAILABLE IN BIKE SHOP SIZE

Bicycle shop owners, know that a bike is a complex system of moving parts that can be quickly damaged by dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants. Check out The BenchtopPRO – the first ever bioremediating, benchtop parts washer – engineered for the bike repair shop’s cleaning and repair needs.


  • Bicycle Drive Train Parts
  • Bicycle Gears
  • Bicycle Chains
  • Bike Bearings
  • Bolts and Screws
  • Dirt Bike Engine Parts
  • Bike Wheels
  • The Whole Bike

Designed for shops with limited space, the BenchtopPRO is also portable and can be safely stored away when it’s not in use – with the fluid inside.

Singletracks: If you’re a gear head, this is the washer for you!

Syd from Singletracks gave The BenchtopPRO a good workout cleaning his mountain bike components. Read on to see all of his great comments and pictures.

Review: ChemFree BenchtopPRO

To read the full review 

While looking around for a better way to clean my cassette bodies and other mountain bike components, I stumbled across a company called ChemFree. ChemFree sells an innovative product called the BenchtopPRO bioremediating parts washer.

I have honestly never encountered such a product before. Although I’ve used many parts washers in the past when working as a shop technician, the BenchtopPRO offers a new approach to parts washing.

The BenchtopPRO combines the process of bioremediation, “the use of micro-organism metabolism to remove pollutants” (according to Wikipedia), with a revolutionary non-flammable degreasing solution engineered to work at room temperature.


I am not one who is easily impressed with gimmicky tools, so I can honestly say that the BenchtopPRO is not a gimmick and is actually quite impressive. Most importantly, it actually works as intended. There are no lies and no false claims here.

Having been a technician for years and now working as a shop teacher, I’ve had more than my share of smelly, toxic fumes while hanging around the parts washer, and I was tired of stinking up the shop area while the parts washer’s surface dried up. The BenchtopPRO totally resolves those issues: this unit gives off virtually no odor.

Another huge plus is the fact that the fluid has had no ill effect on my hands. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me feel. I love keeping my bike clean, but I just hated when my hands would get raw and irritated from cleaning solvents. I do use gloves when I work, but sometimes you can’t when it comes to cleaning smaller parts.

Bottom Line

I am super stoked with the performance of the BenchtopPRO! The MSRP for the full kit is $389, but as of the time of this writing Benchtop has it on sale for $299. Later on when it comes time to recharge the tank, it will cost about $65 for new BT5 solution and MicroPacs. Yes, it can be a bit costly, but it’s a small price to pay for a product that is much safer and healthier to use than other options.

If you’re a gear head, this is the washer for you!