Monday, Aug 19, 2019

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Consumer Report: Lawn Mower Maintenance

Consumer Report published a comprehensive list of the steps to take to prepare your lawn mower for the winter season. They forgot one handy tip and that would be to clean the dirty greasy parts on the engine as well as the cutting blade and underside of the lawn mower using The BenchtopPRO parts washer.

With the mowing season coming to an end, you may be tempted to just shove your mower into the shed. Don’t do it. Bad things can happen to your mower when it’s sitting idle. By ignoring simple maintenance tasks now you’re taking the chance that your mower will be out of commission in the spring, or worse, need replacing. Here’s a to-do list from the mower team at Consumer Reports.

Empty the gas tank. Gasoline left sitting in the fuel tank for months thickens into what repairmen call varnish. The ethanol in today’s gas also stiffens rubber and plastic parts and coats linkages. Some people have success adding fuel stabilizer to gas—some are designed to counteract ethanol’s effects—and storing it that way. For the most assurance, add the proper amount of stabilizer or instead pour in some ethanol-free fuel (available for about $6 a quart at some outdoor-gear dealers, Sears, and home centers) and run it dry. Once the machine cools down, drain the carburetor bowl, too; a simple bolt holds it in place. Have gas left over in the can? Add it to your car’s fuel tank and buy fresh gas for your leaf blower or snow blower.

To read additional steps including changing the oil, washing the underside, changing spark plugs and more Go Here

Time to Clean and Winterize Your Boat, Tools and Vehicles

Old Man Winter is officially still more than a month away but cold temperatures have arrived right on time.  It looks like those warm weekends are just about over so it’s time to clean and winterize your vehicles, watercraft, all terrain vehicles, bikes, sports equipment and lawn mowers.  A bit of prevention can save you many dollars on future repairs, keep your valuables in good working condition and prepared to pull out of hibernation at the first signs of spring.

First step – A good cleaning is required and The BenchtopPRO is the portable parts washer made just for these garage type jobs. Whether cleaning bike gears, gardening tools, dirt bikes, golf clubs, lawn mowers or a boat engine, The BenchtopPRO cleans dirty greasy parts without damaging your hands or clothes. The attached brush works efficiently to clean the cracks and crevices and between cleanings the BTP solution cleans itself through a process called bio remediation. Simply stated, while stored away with the solution left in it, the enzymes eat the dirt and grease similar to the solution used to clean the Gulf of Mexico during the 2010 oil spill.

If you are winterizing an engine, below are a variety of sites to help.

- How to winterize a boat

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Marietta Mower: The BenchtopPRO Saves Us Money

The Marietta Mower Repair Shop in Marietta, GA has been using The BenchtopPRO since last year and has found the unit to be effective and durable during it’s daily use.   Marietta Mower is a family owned shop that services up to 300 lawn mowers a month during the busy season and has found The BenchtopPRO to be a key tool in their repair and tune up process. Their primary use of The BenchtopPRO is to clean dirty, greasy lawn mower carburetors.

Jay Klopstock of Marietta Mower shows how Marietta Mower uses The BenchtopPRO to clean lawn mower carburetors.


Larry Ceminsky shares the benefits of The BenchtopPRO which include:

  • Saves money on carburetor cleaner
  • Easily portable
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Effective – brush gets into crevasses