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Everyone Loves The BenchtopPRO Parts Cleaner

The BenchtopPRO parts cleaner has been featured on Truck U, Two Guys Garage, All Girls Garage, Daily Buzz, Popular Mechanics, DIY Network, Moxie Building, and all of those who have tried The BenchtopPRO have given it rave reviews. Some of the highlights they have mentioned are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • How well it cleans with very little scrubbing.
  • That the microbes clean the solution of dirt and grease so there is no hazardous liquids to dispose.
  • How efficient the scrubbing brush works.
  • How safe and easy it is on their hands, that they don’t need gloves to use it and their hands are cleaner and softer after use.
  • The science behind The BenchtopPRO and how the microbes eat the grease.
  • How easy it is to store when closed up.

If you have dirty greasy parts to clean, The BenchtopPRO is a great solution!

Spring has arrived and it’s also International Day of Happiness

Spring is her and we’ve survived the official winter season, additionally the news is reporting that it’s International Day of Happiness. What does that mean to you? Do you have a hobby that makes you happy? Even though it’s officially spring, the weather in much of the country is not allowing us to participate in our favorite outdoor hobby but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be planning and getting your gear ready so that when the weather is good, you are ready for some fun.

The BenchtopPRO is a handy tool for cleaning and prepping your tools and equipment. Love cycling? Than get the gears and frame cleaned up for that first big ride of the season. If golf is your happy place, The BenchtopPRO is perfect for cleaning the club heads and grooves.

For those who like to play in the dirt, your gardening plans are most likely in full swing, the seeds are ordered and may even be growing indoors but when it’s time to move outside, are all of your tools and lawn mower clean for the season or did they get put away dirty? Once again The BenchtopPRO is the answer. Whatever your hobby, just remember to have a little fun today.  We all work hard and deserve a day of happiness!

The BenchtopPRO testimonial: “by far the best parts washer I have ever used”

The BenchtopPRO has a great new review on  We always enjoy hearing how much our customers like The BenchtopPRO and what they are cleaning with it.  This customer is using The BenchtopPRO at the racetrack to support their endurance road course car.

This is by far the best parts washer I have ever used. I used to use the standard washers with solvent based cleaners. The solvents had bad odors/fumes, was flammable and could damage parts and o-rings depending on the material they were made from. The solvents were also really hard on my hands. The Benchtop Pro has no nasty odor, is not flammable, doesn’t damage the parts and cleans better than the solvent based washers. It also leaves my hands nice and clean with out drying them out. I sometimes use it to wash my hands if they are super dirty/greasy. It stores upright so you can fit it in tighter spots. The compact design makes it easy to take it places. This parts washer is a staple in the equipment list I bring to the race track to support our endurance road course car. I was skeptical at first as most “earth friendly/green” products are absolute garbage and not worth the packaging they come in. The Benchtop Pro washer is far from that stereotype. It is awesome and works unbelievably well.
By R. KETTELL on February 1, 2015
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Bucket List: Miami Boat Show

If you’ve never been to the Miami boat show, it’s a great trip to add to your Bucket List.  I was lucky enough to be there as they were setting up the show. Each day we saw amazing boats motoring into the marina adjacent to Collins Drive.  Even the smallest one would have made a great souvenir to bring back home.  If you can’t afford a new boat it might be time to start thinking about what your boat needs to make sure it runs in the spring.  The BenchtopPRO parts washer is a handy tool to have when cleaning your boats greasy dirty parts.


Stuck Inside? Use The BenchtopPRO to Get Your Gear Ready for Spring

The winter doldrums have set in and after the Super Bowl this weekend there’s not a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks. Why not use this time to plan your next big project or adventure and get your gear ready with The BenchtopPRO parts washer?  Cyclists can get their bikes in tip top shape, classic car enthusiasts always have something to upgrade on their “mid life crisis vehicle”, gardeners can get their tools and plans ready.

Whatever your interest, start dreaming and planning and cleaning up your existing gear with The BenchtopPRO.

The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer

Spring will hopefully be here before you know it!


2015 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Flexes Muscle With 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350R, F-150 Raptor, GT Supercar

The Detroit Auto Show is an adrenaline high for many and this year seems to be one of the best in years.  These cars may not need The BenchtopPRO parts washer yet but some of them may be future collectible classic cars. Here are some of the highlights as seen in a recent International Business Times article written by Angelo Young.

FOrd GT supercar
The Ford GT supercar will be unleashed to the public late next year, Ford says. Ford Motor

Automakers haven’t had this kind of swagger in years. With a U.S. auto market in full postrecession recovery, carmakers have moved beyond lauding rational, fuel-sipping driving options to flex some muscle.

On Monday, Ford Motor Co. did just that by announcing a trio of vehicles in its performance plays, including the GT supercar that the company will roll out late next year.

“This is a return to more passion projects instead of doing more pragmatic vehicles like compacts,” said Jessica Caldwell, senior auto analyst at Kelley Blue Book. “Showing off a halo sports car in 2009 would not have been well received.”

Ford President and CEO Mark Fields described the GT as “the ultimate Ford performance vehicle” during his presentation at the packed Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit during the 2015 North American International Auto Show. The car underscores the power potential of Ford’s more efficient EcoBoost engines and is aimed at allaying concerns that EcoBoost engines are weaker. In the GT, they certainly are not: The GT’s V6 EcoBoost power plant puts out more than 600 horsepower.

Ford’s return to exotic sports cars is expected in 2016 on the 50th anniversary of the company’s historic victory at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans when three GT40 Mk. IIs finished first, second and third in the race. Ford has said it will participate at next year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans race with a variant of this street-legal GT supercar.


ShelbyGT350R_02_HRThe 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350R.  Ford.
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Ford also presented the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350R – the closest thing to a professional racing version of the Mustang that can legally be driven on public roads.



The BenchtopPRO – The Perfect Gift for the Car Enthusiast

Not sure what to get your car enthusiast.  The BenchtopPRO parts washer makes the perfect gift for the guy who is all about DIY when it comes to his car, truck or motorized vehicle.  Not only does it clean the greasy parts, but it safely cleans his greasy hands and even makes them softer.  Now that’s a benefit that you can both enjoy. It’s not too late to receive The BenchtopPRO before Christmas.  Order now and you can check another gift off of your list.

Great Guy Gifts Including The BenchtopPRO Parts Washer

Panicked about what to give that special guy on your holiday shopping list?  If he’s a DIY kind of guy then consider The BenchtopPRO parts washer.  Other gift ideas are event related, such as tickets to a game, fishing or golf outing.  Group lessons or lessons with a pro are a good gift if there is a skill that he has always wanted to learn or improve. A weekend get away with his special someone is one of my favorite gifts to give or receive. The good news is you still have two weeks to get it all figured out!



Thanksgiving: The BenchtopPRO is Thankful for Our Loyal Customers

It’s been two years since we launched The BenchtopPRO parts washer and we are very thankful to our loyal customers who have found numerous uses for The BenchtopPRO. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Investment Worthy? 5 Older Cars That Are Almost Extinct

Sam Becker names 5 older cars on the Auto Cheat Sheet that are almost extinct. Car collectors are always looking for that car that will appreciate in value. My roommate in college owned #2 and I was a frequent passenger. We weren’t that impressed with it back in the day, so I can’t imagine it got better with age. My spouse and I have owned a few classic cars through the years such as 1971MG Midget, an 1967 Austin Healey 3000, a 1979 Mazda RX7 with the rotary engine that used to make loud backfiring noises at stop lights (I would look around, pretending to be searching for the source of that loud noise), 1978 and 1979 280z, a  1990 red Porsche Carrera 911 C-4 Cabriolet and a few others. The Porsche was definitely my favorite.  We’ve never considered buying any of the 5 listed here but maybe these cars are like a hot stock tip, read on and you decide.

1. Chrysler Laser  

One watch of the commercial above and you’ll agree that they just don’t make them like they used to. One model that was pretty damn cool in its heyday but has seemingly been forgotten by all but a few is the Chrysler Laser, which also saw life under a different name as the Plymouth Laser and Dodge Daytona. These cars were the quintessential 1980s models, equipped with an option of a 2.2 or 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. Billed as Chrysler’s first sports car, the Laser was reborn as the Plymouth Laser at one point, and then the Dodge Daytona. The Laser was in production from 1984-1986, and the Daytona from 1984 until 1993.

To see all 5 cars with video